Discoteca by Party Crashers

Hey there, party people! Are you ready for another trip in NOA’s time machine?
Friday, the 13th of December, join us for a hella fly RETRO party, alongside your favorite Party Crashers: Victor Slav, Catalin Cazacu & DJ Yanis!

👠 Dress code: 80’s & 90’s
📲 RSVP: 0748 290 090
🚪 Access: Gents [30 LEI] /// Ladies [FREE] <00:00> [30 LEI]
Residents: Carlos & Mihai V
Host: Lucas
LD: Alpar
VJ: Lucian
Show dance: NOA’S ANGELS

*This season, we’re starting the madness one hour earlier #10PM / Sezonul acesta, nebunia începe cu o oră mai devreme #10PM
**Minors are not allowed inside the venue / Accesul minorilor în club este strict interzis


Tematica: LIVE at NOA

Artisti: ALINA EREMIA , ALINA EREMIA , Mihai V , Carlos , LUCAS


Tematica: LIVE at NOA

Artisti: DELIA & NICK , Mihai V , Carlos , LUCAS


Tematica: LIVE at NOA

Artisti: ALEXANDRA STAN , Mihai V , Carlos , LUCAS

Republicii 109, Cluj-Napoca 0748 290 090 managementgroup@nestofangels.ro