NOA Summer Break w/ DIRTY NANO

We’re ending yet another amazing season with a bang: Dirty Nano is back in the Nest of Angels for the closing party!
Saturday, 25th of May, we’re celebrating all the crazy memories we’ve made by making some new ones at the most insane party you’ve experienced so far! We thank you, all the gorgeous NOA people that have been by our side, and we want to express our gratitude by giving you a night to remember until we meet again!

We promise, it’s going to be #epic!

Access: Gents [30 LEI] /// Ladies [FREE] < 00:30 > [30 LEI]
Students have FREE ENTRY until 00:30 (based on student ID)
*VIP, Member and Angel card holders have FREE entrance at the event!
Dress code: Chic and glam
RSVP: 0748 290 090

Resident DJ’s: Carlos / Mihai V
LD: Alpar
VJ: Lucian
Show dance: NOA’S ANGELS and Special Guests
Accesul este permis doar persoanelor care au împlinit vârsta de 18 ani


Tematica: LIVE at NOA

Artisti: ALINA EREMIA , ALINA EREMIA , Mihai V , Carlos , LUCAS


Tematica: LIVE at NOA

Artisti: DELIA & NICK , Mihai V , Carlos , LUCAS


Tematica: LIVE at NOA

Artisti: ALEXANDRA STAN , Mihai V , Carlos , LUCAS

Republicii 109, Cluj-Napoca 0748 290 090